Ard Law Group resolves complex disputes. From patent, trademark, copyright, and other intellectual property disputes to constitutional and civil rights claims, Ard Law Group defends and enforces your rights.

Ard Law Group’s intellectual property practice emphasizes efficient dispute resolution. That can mean dedicated focus on bet-the-company litigation for a startup where every sale counts, or putting down a nuisance suit brought by a patent troll. We have moved infringers away from using a client’s core brand, and have vindicated the right of clients to use common words and phrases in the face of trademark claims.

Ard Law Group has unique experience in protecting the rights of all Americans to fully participate in elections, beginning at the USDOJ Voting Rights Section. Today, Ard Law Group focuses on Washington state election law, and in particular the laws and regulations governing citizen initiatives and referenda.

Ard Law Group has the preeminent state constitutional law practice in Washington. Our Progressive Constitution contains extensive protections for individuals, and stringent rules for the exercise of government power. Ard Law Group leads the state in securing judicial enforcement of the rights of all Washingtonians, as guaranteed in our state and federal constitutions.