intellectual property

Joel is a registered patent attorney, and has represented both patent owners and accused infringers in federal courts around the country, as well as before the USPTO’s Patent Trial and Appeal Board and its predecessor, the Central Re-exam Unit. Joel’s IP portfolio covers the full panoply of state and federal intellectual property. In addition to patent issues, he counsels clients on trademark, copyright and trade secret disputes, and assists clients in navigating IP challenges raised during the import of goods through U.S. Customs. Joel’s patent litigation work has involved such varying inventions as laryngoscopes, bike pump valves, CNC machining, HVAC systems, boat lifts, soft consumer goods, and many software-implemented inventions. He has represented brand new startups, family owned businesses, mature manufacturing concerns, and Fortune 50 retailers, both online and brick-and-mortar.

intellectual property
representative cases

Lead counsel to a Seattle-based Fortune 50 online retailer in defending accusations of infringement leveled by a major patent assertion entity, accusing a newly launched online collaboration system.

Patent counsel to a growth-stage Seattle company in a complex, three-party dispute between joint licensees and the solo inventor-licensor of a trio of patents on HVAC systems that arose when one of the two licensees purchased the patents and was sued, along with the seller-inventor, by the other licensee.

Lead counsel in first-ever validity challenge raised on the basis of associational standing by the building restoration industry, eliminating the industry-wide threat presented by an entity asserting a patent on systems and methods of drying buildings.

Lead counsel defending a Seattle-area Fortune 50 membership club against accusations of infringement concerning a dual-valve bicycle pump head.

Patent counsel to a family-owned boat lift manufacturer for all aspects of portfolio protection: licensing, enforcement, and ultimately sale of the company and IP assets.

IP counsel to a family-owned consumer products company, engaged in multi-front non-litigation enforcement and protection of IP assets that protect the major product lines.

Lead counsel to a pet products manufacturer, defending accusations of trade dress infringement.

Co-counsel to a medical device manufacturer, leading the development of evidence in support of validity and infringement for presentation to a Scottish court.